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The breeding season of young birds, and the preparation and training of the best birds for the exhibitions, represent a great apprehension and excitement.
Most of breeders before and during the time of birth of the birds, completely change the feeding system, by introducing soft foods very rich in proteins. This choice made indiscriminately, can be very harmful for reproductive purposes, for example:
as explained, on the charts for vitamins administration, during the period before the birds reproduction , you should not increase the quantity of proteins and fats, instead you may need to support of with a “supplement” of vitamins ( especially E and AD3E).
As long as long as we realize that the birds, especially males, are in condition to fertilize the eggs. In fact, an excess of fat and protein, especially for reared species in cages, can bring frustration to our dreams.
These premises to suggest the breeders to provide appropriate actions such as an increased amount of protein only in those nest with young birds and to keep a level of protein about 16 % if the young birds are not born yet. In this last case you have to increase level of vitamins ( E or AD3E )
Even between the first and the second hatching after the young birds have reached the right growth, it is useful to control the amount of fat in males by blowing on their stomach, in order to control excess of fat due to protein or fat provided during the feeding phase of the young birds in the nest.
Should this happen, you have to remove the male and place it in an aviary , better if with other males, so they can do more exercise and lose fat.
On a daily basis Ornitalia receives many questions regarding the reasons why the first brood was good while the second was not fertilized.
A lot of attention is necessary when you remove the young birds from the nest and take them away from their parents. It is important not to put them immediately with other young birds since those maybe more mature, they maybe “ pre-loaded” and then inhibited to eat from the more mature (crafty) birds. This stress could lead to coccidiosis.
Any colouring of young birds should be initiated within 35 days of life (not over), otherwise the first feeders, especially in the area of the shoulder pads will not be uniform.

This post is also available in: Italian

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