Composition: Evencit is extracted from the following fruits: Citrus Paradisi, Citrus Reticolata bianca, Citrus Aurantium, Citrus Sinensis. It  was designed as a food supplement for birds, fish, cats and dogs. It has antioxidant and antistress properties. Essential before the breeding season.
Benefits: Evencit’s properties reduce the digestive diseases of birds.Protect and develop the natural immunity and reduce, in a natural way, the dangerous effects produced by free radicals. Monitors the diseases caused by bacteria in the digestive tract. Lowers and maintains the ideal pH level in the intestine, it provides immunity to bacterial and fungal attacks, enhancing resistance to diseases. Enhances the breeding capacity in both sexes. Helps the digestibility of food, increasing the effectiveness of nutrition and assimilation of the same. Significantly reduces the smell of the breeding, feces assume compactness and right color.

Availabe liquid and powder. Box: ml.100 bottle



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